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Jeanne's artwork has been featured in a number of books and other publications over the years.  Represented below are the first three books Jeanne herself has authored in their entirety, published by North Light Books:


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Comments from Readers and Others:


Hi Jeanne, ...I recently bought your book "Draw and Paint Realistic Horses" and it was such a pleasure to go through it and apart from drawing & painting lessons, I learnt so much about horses as well! Your love of nature and horses is so evident in your paintings. I found that the instructions in the book were easy to read and follow and I just completed my first horse portrait ('Noble Lady' in demo 2) and I am so thrilled, more so because it has come out so well.

I visited your website jfsstudio.com and came across your email and thought of writing to you to express my appreciation and thanks for your book. I always wanted to paint horses, but was a bit daunted and your book is a wonderful guide for beginners like me. :-)  Thank you so much!  (Bangalore, India)


Hi Jeanne, everyone loves my bison print Quiet Thunder.  Of course I still enjoy it everyday.  ...it makes a magnificent impression when people (including me) walk in the front door.  Anyway it's my favorite material possession.  Gonna order the horse book from Jo-Beth today.


Greetings!  I love your web site and all your books.  I am hoping you will consider doing a book on different birds small and large.  I would love to learn how to do a giant Blue Heron, also White Ducks and Song Birds...


Hi Jeanne, I have just been given these two books by yourself, I am new to acrylic painting and think these books are wonderful and informative.  I cannot wait to have a go and try some of these step by step projects of yours.... I am just so keen to try out acrylic and your pictures are inspirational...  (Somerset, England)


Ms. Scott--  You made me cry this morning. Well, it wasn't your fault, really. In getting down our winter clothes from storage, I unfolded my sweatshirt with your illustration of "An Honest Face" on the front. It is an exact likeness of my Chocolate Lab,  Coco, who died last year at the age of 15. Even though we have 3 other Labs, I miss her every day. Thank you for giving me something so wonderful to look at. I appreciate your talent more than you can imagine.  (Wirtz, Virginia)





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